What Are the Benefits of Dropshipping Online Business?

Many people consider that Dropshipping is just the same as wholesale. For those who are interested in Online Business, it is important to differentiate the Dropshipping and wholesale because these two are different thing. Then we are going to emphasize the Benefits of Dropshipping, because it is the better one.

Dropshipping v Wholesale

The Drop Shipping

drop shipping business

It is an advanced way of fulfilling the order, which is an ideal choice for online stores. The drop shipping process involves the fulfillment from the suppliers, allows you as online store owners to place the items to sell on your website without having to take care of the inventory. Instead, the suppliers will do that for you. When your customers make an order, you will send the order information along with your customer’s data to your suppliers, so that they can handle the shipping right to your customer’s address. In most cases, they will put your store name on the package, shipping the products on your behalf. They will never disclose the information about their warehouse or their brand in the packing notes. Instead, they will put your name on it.



The wholesaler is simply the process of ordering from a primary supplier. Wholesalers usually purchase the specific items for large quantities at a lower price, so that they can sell it to the retailers or direct customers to make profits. But it is also possible that it works like C2B system wherein the regular customer will have the direct access to purchase directly from the supplier at the very cheap rate. For instance, you may run a small business and just start to build your empire. You will be able to request a wholesale price from specific suppliers.

The Dropshipping and Wholesale

You may wonder how these two things are connected. If you plan to work from home, opening an ecommerce site with the intention to keep everything simple, then dropshipping is the option for you. The thing is that you can’t do all by yourself so that you must find a partnership with suppliers who offer dropshipping service. When a customer makes an order, you will pay the wholesale priced stuff and keep the profits. Because the idea of this is to buy low sell high, you have the freedom to markup for the products that you sell.

The benefits of Dropshipping online business.

Dropshipping has been more prevalent for ecommerce website owners because it gives more benefits than the orthodox ways of running online store. It is simple, easy, and fast. Not to mention that it eliminates all the expenses for stocking the products, packaging, and so on. Here are the benefits of dropshipping for your business.

Fetch wide array of products – Sky is the only limit

You will be able to sell broader niche products. You can sell anything from daily stuff to antique stuff. The good thing here is that you don’t have to manage the inventory. The supplier will do that job for you. You will have access to thousands of suppliers and millions of products that you can sell. Not to mention that these distributors will deliver the products to your customers on your behalf. Most of the times, these suppliers have tons of supplies so that you don’t have to worry about the availability of the item.

Manage your ecommerce business at home, office, school, even while on the go

All you need to have are your device and decent internet connection to manage your business anywhere, anytime you want. You can manage your business with peace of mind. You can do it while gathering with your family, visiting your grandma’s house, having vacation, and so on. You won’t be bound by the time and place.

You can get wholesale prices with dropshipping

Although wholesale and drop shipping is different, you can still get wholesale prices from your suppliers. Folks who don’t know about drop shipping might think that wholesale prices are only eligible if they purchase the items in bulk. Well, it is not always the case. When you purchase from a supplier for dropshipping, you can still get the wholesale price, but it might be higher than the actual wholesale price for distributor or retailer. If you purchase from the dropshipping company, you will still be able to markup the price as you desire. These companies will give you the freedom to choose the products in separated orders as well.

Make a decent profit

By knowing the wholesale price from your supplier, you can compare your possible prices with the other competitors’ items. To make a decent profit, you can take steps ahead of your competitors. See what you can find on the Amazon or eBay listing. You can capitalize on their weaknesses. Even the slight difference in pennies can make a huge difference. You will be able to snatch the others’ customers. Not to mention that some suppliers offer free shipping to all sellers. The total cost will be awesome. You could compare them with the average prices in the popular markets. You can sell lower than your competitors, and you will master the market.

Ease you to buy in bulk orders

You may use the drop shipping option. But you are also open to bulk orders. If you come across with the needs of expanding your business, you may want to open your own physical store while you run it online. You may want to stock a thing or two. Use your relationship with your suppliers to get you the best deals.

No big capital needed

Spending the money for a website? Checked. For SEO? Checked. For stocking the products? Unchecked. Places to rent? unchecked. It is undeniable that the most daunting task of the startups and new e commerce businesses is the obligation to provide large capital for their inventory. Gone are the days when you had to find location, hire employees, and make inventories which just added the extra cost of your business establishment.

You can focus on what you like

When it comes to business growth, it won’t be success unless you are motivated in what you do. Since you are an independent player, you will have the freedom to focus on specific niche that you’d like to handle. Suppliers are starving for sales. They will just give you freedom to pick their products to display on your ecommerce site.

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