7 Figure Cycle Review – Members Area Tour, Discount and Bonus

​Hi! Welcome to my 7 Figure Cycle Review. New email marketing software and training program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that teaches you make ​huge​ amounts of money with the Amazon business.

What is 7 Figure Cycle?

When talking about 7 Figure Cycle it basically refers to a 7-step system that was developed by 4 experts of e-commerce and importantly generated about $5.4 Million Dollars in a span of 12 months through selling simple products that are mainly sourced from the USA. The system was actually successful with Zero paid advertising, No website and crucially without having to spend any upfront fortune on inventory.

Additionally, for all E-commerce business owners, 7 figure cycle is actually the best platform to help you make easy, huge and quick amounts of money with the Amazon business. Although the information that has been circulating round indicate that it takes time to earn with the system, now things have changed and you making money with 7 figure cycle has been made easier. The only thing you need is to work smarter than harder and crucially adopt the right techniques and strategies that will help you grow your income and essentially make handsome figures of money. Research indicates that, by using 7 figure cycle, you actually become a millionaire in incredibly less time and importantly become as rich as you want. 

About the program developers

7 figure Cycle System was mainly developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. To start off, Aidan Booth is a renowned online marketer who commenced his career in the year 2005. With a good experience of more than 10 years, Booth has really helped a good number of people to make real money through the e-commerce industry. Although this talented man grew up in a humble background Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has acquired a huge amount of internet marketing skills. It’s on record that Booth primarily started his internet marketing business for geographic freedom reasons.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

On the other hand, Steve Clayton is known to have been in the online marketing industry since the year 2003. Steve started the online marketing business mainly because he realized that the corporate market was just like rat-race. Clayton was born in Key West, USA and he has actually been of significance in the online marketing industry. A combination of the 22 years’ experience for the two guy led to the formation of an awesome program by the name 7 figure cycle.

How does 7 figure cycle work?

The 7 figure cycle essentially works by influencing the USA based distributors. Moreover, these distributors normally provide easy access to a catalog that normally holds millions and millions of products. As an online marketer, your responsibility is to selecting the best opportunities out of the available and crucially sending them to Amazon. The rest of the responsibility lies with Amazon. Let’s look at 7 simple and effective steps involved in making money using the 7 figure cycle program.

 7 Figure Cycle

1. Identify Suppliers

It all starts by identifying suppliers who can offer you products that you will sell at a decent margin of profit. It’s always a recommendation that you get a wholesale supplier since most of the products that are sold in Amazon or in retail stores are sold through suppliers or wholesalers. You should be sure of the suppliers you are choosing. You should also be aware of the suppliers that you need to avoid. Avoid suppliers who sell toxic or hazardous products and suppliers who provide illegal products.

2. Scan Their Listings

The basically involves scanning through the stock and products of the suppliers and then determine the winning one. Winning profits are actually those that will give you fast and good returns on your investment with the lowest list being involved. Some of the key elements to look at when scanning the list are as follows: unit costs, who has the “Buy Box”, the product sell volume, buy box price, Number of reviews, the number of other sellers and other costs.

3. Pin-point a winner

The step generally involves identifying and shortlisting the product that you want to proceed with. However, there is very crucial sanity check test that you need to carry out so that you can be 200% sure that everything is on the right track before an order is placed. The sanity check tests include:

  • ​Checking the number of reviews of the products from the past 30 days.
  • ​Confirm the Keepa data to determine the frequency of which Amazon has been selling the product.

The moment you finish pin-pointing the winner product, you are now good to go and list the product on Amazon.

4. List the winner

Using the 7 figure cycle methodology is one of the simplest ways in which you can set up your product to sell on Amazon. Anyone who has sold a product on Amazon or sold a private label knows that that process incurred in doing all this is sometimes tricky. You need to first understand the category where you belong, the keywords to use when ordering people to get your list, where to place your keywords, how to know if people really found your product and importantly how to get a picture of your product. By getting 7 figure cycle, all the above things will be ignored and much of the work that you need to be done would have been done.

5. Prepare your shipment

This happens after you have prepared your product enough and now you need to transport it to Amazon. One of the advantages of sticking to Amazon is that you can actually use the efficient and highly refined logistics and shipping process. Importantly, Amazon offers you tutorials on how to transport your product to the warehouses in the simplest way possible. The basic steps involved in preparing shipment are as follows:

  • ​Do a review of the FAB (fulfillment by Amazon) guidelines offered by Amazon to ensure the items to be shipped are the correct labels and packaging.
  • ​Use the correct labels when preparing your products
  • ​Use a 3rd party or apply the labels yourself
  • Construct your Amazon shipping plan so that you can take advantage of the ever convenient Amazon inbound UPS shipping rates.

6. Send your inventory

Once you have fully created your shipment plan, you can now send it to Amazon so that it can be fulfilled through the Amazon’s fulfillment service. After the fulfillment, the other step involved is to get the boxes to UPS or you can actually have it picked up for you. You can now wait for Amazon to receive your winning items and wait for a sale to be done. In the seller central dashboard that is offered by Amazon, you can actually have your track your package if it has been sold.

7. Profit and Get Paid

One of the most exciting steps that every involved person get to enjoy since you are paid. The profit margin for this business is usually aimed at 30% and importantly a cycle of into the inventory twice in every month. With this kind of achievement, your business will incredibly and quickly grow in each and every month. The 7 figure cycle program ensures that there is a rapid execution of processes and significantly selling the already existing products using the best shopping portal in existence such as Amazon.

Pros and Cons


  • ​Anyone can commence the business. Be it a beginner, expert or advance you can all join
  • ​Money back guarantee of 60 days
  • ​Friendly training and highly qualified coaches
  • ​Large-valued bonus offers
  • Expect Return on Investment (ROI) in 2 weeks.
  • Doesn’t need paid advertisements and website.
  • Does require brand and product development to sell products.
  • No need for customer support for the products


  • ​Relatively higher price for some folks

Who is 7 Figure Cycle meant for?

i. Newbies

Any newbie who has never made money online and would like to make money, this is the simplest and most effective way of making money through affiliate marketing. 7 Figure Cycle will allow making money in the simplest way without making any blunder. If you are a newbie and you want to make money in the quickest way possible, get yourself 7 Figure Cycle.

ii. Advanced and intermediate Marketers

The 7 figure Cycle program is generally one of the valuable tools for any intermediate or advanced marketer. This is mainly because they already understand the market and know the duration required to perfect an affiliate marketing system, guidelines and importantly the value. With this system, you are going to be surprised with the effectiveness and ease of operation of your already existing business. 7 figure Cycle will give your business stability and significantly inject a lot of cash without any problems that many online marketers face.

​iii. Those who tried online marketing before and failed

If you have tried online marketing before and failed, 7 Figure Cycle will provide you with a detailed training you need, components done for you and hand-holding. With the system, you will get a breakthrough and importantly start earning in the fastest way possible. Leverage yourself on 7 Figure Cycle and it will guide you to the finishing line.

How is 7-Figure Cycle System Different?

Different approach

​Unlike many other e-commerce-related systems 7-figure cycle is entirely a new concept. Important, the system actually uses the world’s most visited platforms such as Amazon in selling products. With the program, you can learn easy ways of starting highly profiting e-commerce business models.

$125 Million Student Proof

The program has actually been tested by 517 students and found to be very effective. The student went home with almost $125million profit by just making good use of the involved strategy. Additionally, Steve and Aidan also went home with about $5.4 million combined by using the same strategy.

7 figure cycle proof

Access to Powerful Application Software

With just the member only area, you are able to get access to very powerful applications such as profit blaze and Profit Hunter. This is essentially very crucial tools that can help you make a breakthrough in your business.

7 Key reasons to secure your Cycle Membership

​1. You acquire clinical and immediate action step: a good number of 7 figure cycle students have greatly benefited from the program. With this, you get a perfected training process.

2. You get step by step guideline form the start up to the time you will start earning your profits. This is achievable through the expert and private coaching that is offered to each student from every continent across the world.

​​​​3. No entry barriers incurred. You can actually work with this program from anywhere across the globe. There are no preferred regions.

​​​​4. You don’t need to invest millions of dollars in products. With just the little you have, you get the business started which is actually the opposite with most of the e-commerce models.

5. You don’t need any special skills or prior experience. This is mainly because the 7 Figure Cycle program requires zero customer support, no website and importantly all traffic is free.

6. The program has no upsells and nothing else to buy. The 7 Figure cycle normally comes as a package and with it, you will get all their updates.

7. The system is basically a complimentary of any of your projects. If you already own an online business, it primarily becomes easy for your build and set up an extra income stream.

Important things that are included in 7 Figure Cycle

  • ​The nerve Center - This is basically an operational hub that’s personalized.
  • ​Expert Coaching - 24/7 support network and assistance
  • ​The seller society - a Support group for members only.
  • ​The Master Blueprint - An entire step by step training program
  • ​Buyers’ Club - Logistic group and done for you pre-filtered suppliers
  • ​Money making Product - Done for your product
  • ​Profit Hunter - Basically involves identifying profitable business
  • Success Predictor - Source that identifies the profitable products

​Final Thoughts

​With the detailed information on the internet and tests that have been successfully been done, it’s undoubtedly that 7 Figure Cycle is a good program that anyone can get. I highly recommend it to all my colleagues, friends and anyone who wants to effectively benefit from e-commerce. With 7 Figure Cycle, you don’t need to worry about paid advertisements and traffic and importantly it’s very easy to set up. Get yourself the system and be a successful e-commerce expert in the shortest time possible.

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